The Future of Art Investing

Current Offerings

How Our Marketplace Works


Choose the piece of art and percentage to tokenize on the platform.

Receives help appraising, promoting, and selling their art through pop up galleries and online auctions.

Receives payout  from tokens and final purchase of art minus investor payout.


Purchase tokens that help support the artist.

Ability to sell and trade tokens on secondary market through the blockchain.

Receive payout once piece of art is sold.

Has access to exclusive token holder benefits.


Ability to purchase collectible pieces at pop-up galleries, online auctions, or through Roadies directly.

Support artists and add new artwork to collections.


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Brianca Stewart

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Emily Armstrong

The Best Way to Invest In Art

 Fractions of artwork can be traded on a global marketplace

Creation of immutable registry of art, certificates, copyright records, etc


Increased transparency for investors and
visual artist

Efficient secondary markets with instant liquidity and
low fees